Was this just a fleeting comment or is there more to it?

Whilst on a 2nd date with a guy he said that I looked timid and reserved from the pictures on my online profile.

I was taken back by this as I am definitely not timid, a little reserved until I get to know someone but no way am I shy. I can hold a conversation with most people and used to meeting new people. I also thought it wasn't really the kind of thing you say to your date. If I was timid or shy or slightly less confident than I am I would have felt slightly offended by this.

This guy is what I would call a nice guy and not forthcoming like some guys - himself a little reserved too.

I was just wondering what to make of this comment? Is he expecting me to turn up for our next date in the guise of a wild woman?


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  • Well you can't judge someone from their pictures, so prove him wrong. I doubt he really meant any harm by it, he was probably just trying to make conversation.


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