Why is he taking it out on me when it's not my fault?

My bf has been being a real jerk lately. We fight quite a bit since I have trust issues and am insecure. He gets mad because I don't trust him after a year of dating. Not sure if that's the case or what. But last night he had a couple beers after work before we went out so he was already buzzed. Before we left I asked if he could take the bag of garbage. He's like no you can do it. Right as he walked past it and was just standing there. Then we got to the bar and he didn't really talk to me and was talking to his guy friends. We live in a small town so everyone knows everyone. I was sitting at the end of the bar waiting for my friend. He then later told me to come sit by him so we did. The bartender and I are friends. She even said that he was being a jerk to me. I asked why he was and he said because he's tired from working. He works construction with his cousin. He has a time card he writes his hours in and I have noticed he has got done an hour or longer early then what he tells me. Not sure why he would lie about it. But before he has told me that they sometimes put stuff away and he doesn't mark that down as working. It's just a small business with 3 guys. With him being a jerk to me I have asked him if he wants me to move out or take a break or break up. He's says none of them. The way he has been lately I've never really seen him. like this. It's like he's just an angry person. Sometimes he will say I need a punch in the face. We also haven't been doing it as much lately either. He just bought a new pickup and a dog. The dog cost 500 and I'm sure his pickup wasn't cheap. He doesn't make a lot if money working construction and has even told me his cousin is basically screwing him over. He could also be stressed because of the payments? But I don't know why he keeps taking it out on me..


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  • "Sometimes he will say I need a punch in the face. "

    You don't need any other reason, get out of that relationship.

    On a side note, the fact he spend money on a truck (which he may or may not need) and a dog (which he does not NEED), tells me his priorties are out of whack and you're not one of them. Again, get out of that relationship and stop trying to fix it and figure it out. There is no fix or logic you can apply here.

    • Well his truck was going to shit. So he needed a new one sooner or later. And he got a dog for hunting.

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  • he's what the world called a dick and not the good type. Get away from him. I not the best guy in the world might have teased you but in the end would have done it because you would be evrything to me. :)


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  • Focus on yourself more, the more you will be insecure and checking on him the worse it will get.
    If he doesn't come by himself than there is your answer.