I've been dating with this guy for 9 months?

So i've been dating with this guy for 9 months. I can clearly see he likes me i mean like he has feelings for me and so do i. Just day we have not confess to each other yet. But we are like couples. Hehehe. On the 3rd date / meet up , we had sex.. it was a good one. He satisfy me enough i like dat.. and then starting frm that day onwards , we didn't go out like watch movies , eat , play bowling.. we didn't , we ended uo checkin in the hotel to soend the night together , watching movies and have sex n sleep together. It feels good waking up beside him.. but im just confuse , cus i wanna knoe he have sex w me cus he love me have feelings for me. Or we are just friends with benefits but that can't be , cus he admit n call me his baby. He treat me more like a gf to him.. and he uses the term making love w me rather than having sex.. so i just want to know what are ur opinions?


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  • if sex increases and the other stuff decreases he playin or he just dosent know how to treat a gf but yea you will find out sooner or later

    • But the other stuffs is still the same. No changes at all. He treat me the same like a gf.. just dat he hasn't confess to me about his feelings and me too..

    • then have a relationship talk with him

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  • you probably just rushed into it. Normally the first few months or weeks is the cutesy stage of the relationship and since you had sex on the third date he might think that you dont really like the whole going to the movies or dinner thing.

    • Hi there. Thanks for ur opinion , he knows that i enjoy being with him on the first n second date.. we really enjoy ourselves. Cus he asked me and i told him. Just dat we had sex after dat. Maybe we are too cheeky i guess.. but i have feelings for him and i just wanna know , if he do this cus his serious w me and not treating me like friends with benefits.. and i dont think so he will cus we are dating for 9 mo ths oreadi.