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What are the signs you show when you are interested in someone?
How long generally does it take you to "develop" feelings for someone?
If you like someone, are you more reserved about your feelings?
Do you like it when the other person "take charge" and tells you their feelings for you?


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  • How I show that I'm interested is they should see that I go out of my way to make sure I'm a presence in their life somehow.
    The time it takes to "develop" feelings is random it depends on how the girl treats me.
    I am an emotional ass guy, but I am generally reserved and will not show my feelings unless I feel very comfortable around her.
    I wouldn't mind if she tells me their feelings, I'd feel that if she told me how she feels then she trusts and feels comfortable with me.


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  • I am very reserved and private' I would prefer for the girl to be a little aggressive but passive' because I am a agreeable being and I'm concerned about some female devil bitch trying to fuck that up when nature blessed me with a heavenly celestial nature' and as far as how long does it take for feelings to develop... as so as I know she's ready to make endless room for endless improvement by my side.

  • When i have feelings for a woman i become very reserved because i dont want to play the fool, when i know that she can be trusted then i open up and give her my all.


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