How do I interpret the first kiss?

Ok yesterday I kissed a girl I like for the first time. I have kissed before but not with her. When we kissed, I went like 50% and she went the rest and gave me what you would call a "peck" on the lips. Then she stopped for a second and we kissed for a little longer, it was more comfortable. Then we kissed longer after that. The last kiss I think made her knees buckle a little. How so girls interpret first kisses? Do they put a lot of importance on it? What does it mean to them?


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  • A first kiss is very important- I think it determines your chemistry with a person- and depending on how well it goes, it can determine whether you continue to talk to them or not. If she went in for another one after the first, that's a good sign. It means she liked it enough to come back for more right away!


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