A girl lied to break us apart?

Me and my ex were getting back together. This girl that has a crush on him called him last night and said I have got into her Facebook with a fake profile and said bad things about her on her wall. Question is don't u have to be a friend to post on someone's wall? I am not her friend. I think she is lying and trying to break us apart. What do u think?


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  • Did you?

    If you didn't post anything to her wall, then tell your ex that you didn't. He will either believe you or he won't. If he doesn't, then it's clear he doesn't trust you and therefore there is no point with pursuing a relationship, because with no trust there can be no love. If he does believe you, then who cares what she says, this will just make her look worse in his eyes.

    If you did post it, well, then you can't really complain. Doesn't matter the technicalities of it.

    • Didn't do it! I though maybe one of my friends could have done but can not think of who.
      Maybe she is lying but why would she? Drama?

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  • I don't understand. Is she accusing you of saying bad things on her wall?

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