How do I tell him without it being awkward or hurting his feelings?

So me and my boyfriend have been together for almost 6 months now, and everything is great, except for the fact that whenever we use any tongue in a kiss, I always have slobber all around my mouth. Could it be something I'm doing? And if its him, how do I let him know? Or is there something I can do to prevent/help it?


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  • Is he using too much tongue in the kiss or something?

    • No. At least it doesn't seem like he is

    • Hmm, so the kissing is good except for that then?

      I would just maybe make a joke about it, laugh it out, "You slobber all over me," but say it playfully while kissing him maybe, so that he'll know it's happening but it won't make him feel "bad" about it.
      Maybe you guys are missing lips and kissing outside the lips, you know? Like the sizes of your mouths isn't much of a match.