Girls, guys what would you do? Help me please?

Ugh where do I begin? We'll my non-official BF *A* And my good friend *B* . Ok so I had a huge crush on B until I had a crush on A. And A liked me back. So we have our first "date" tomorrow. I've been out of the country for a year now and tomorrow will be the first time I see him. I hung out with B and another friend today. We went too the park then me and B went to his house and watched anime. Anyway what I'm saying is I'm confused, A takes AGES to reply to my messages, sometimes even days. (not that often though) And B doesn't take as long. (sometimes he does though) Please read some of these links, they're about A:

So please help me out!! What do you think is going on? He does do the non replying thing a lot.. And I'm not sure if I like him or the idea of him. ( I think I like him though)


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  • Ditch A, you need someone who gives you attention whenever you crave it, instantly. He's not the one.

    • We went on a date and it was great! He said to his school friends that we're "going out" (officially) And I messaged him yesterday saying "I didn't know we were going out yet?" And he said "It's just that they saw us and would spread shit around saying I was flirting with people. It was the easiest way to end it But I will tell people we decided to break up? XD <3" I replied something like I don't mind I was just confused.. But I think I messed the relationship up? Just by how I responded?

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