Where's a good place to go for your first anniversary of dating someone?

My fiancee is coming to town, and I'm trying to think up something fun for us to do for that special day. Any ideas?


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  • If you are good at it, cook for her. Cooking a great meal for the other mate is an act of love that says it all.
    (if you can't cook bring home a lasagna from the best local bistro, warm it up and pretend you made it)
    After sex, sheepishly admit you really didn't cook it, but did it to impress her. She will love your honesty, and will be tickled at how you went out of your way to impress her.
    Maybe embellish it a bit by leaving tons of pots and pans all around the kitchen like you struggled all day at it, but in the end, failed.
    She will die laughing at your bumbling, and will love you even more for it.


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  • It would be good to go back to the place you went on your first date. It's symbolic.

    • I went to visit her for that one, but we could go to a similar restaurant here. :)