Why did he tell me, he wants me to text first?

This guy I know got out of a relationship. I'm not sure how recent, but I knew him three years ago. Never heard from him. I used to have a crush on him. Now three years later he sends me a message on fb. ( he has not added me btw) asking me out to catch up and starts calling me gorgeous. He gives me his number and when I gave him mine so he knew it would be me he responds with I won't be texting you first. you're texting first

Now this is just dumb and I don't want to even meet up with him. The question in this is, he is just playing right. or am i being dumb


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  • Ok, I think you've gotten lucky because I messed up with a girl over the exact same reason and I think I can relate to your issue quite well.

    I used to text girls always first. And I've been friendzoned by every single one of them. Every time I anted to text with these girls I had to text them first or there wouldn't even be a conversation at all. The thing is I was tired of the 'You text me first' debate or just the issue overall and I quit ever texting first. I was sick of it. Sadly I met a girl just a year after these friendzone relationships were done. She was everything I looked for: She was pretty, she was super kind, she was.. Sexy and interested in me.. It really was everything I could look for but just because of past friendships (friendzones) I thought I'd test her. We ended up setting a date in a week. And I thought I'd let her text me first, the first day she did.. Heck she did it three times within the hour. And I responded, I was so happy. The second day she did it again, and I though I had her hooked the other way around. The third day she didn't respond, and I waited it out... She didn't text first the fourth or the fifth day either.. The sixth day I messaged her first about if she still wanted to meet up that saturday.. And she said she didn't think I still wanted to meet up with her.. I honestly broke... She didn't text me back any other day for that entire week. The girl that made me feel great about myself and filled every gap that I left for the 'perfect' girl for me. Thought I felt to good about myself for her. I messed up. Please let this guy meet you. I messed up that day, I don't feel like he should make the very same mistake I did just out of cheer pride. I'd give my pride up every day for that girl. Boy I regret that mistake.

    • Are you saying he has pride and that I should text him?

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    • Well anyhow your choice is king. The thing I would consider a life lesson though is, if you feel like chatting to someone don't wait for the other person to chat to you. If you feel like chatting to someone just chat to him. It will work itself out anyone, however I do sincerely regret not texting her back. Just don't make my mistake over again.

    • Good luck. :)

  • you = dumb. i'm a man and other men in my circle do this to fuck and forget. you're easy mark.

    • sooo im not texting if he just seeing me as easy

    • good option if you stop being a dumbass. lol

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