Which Girl? (British Boy)

I've been in a relationship with this girl for five years. We've both gone off to separate Universities and she's decided she wants to go on a break and see other people.

She thinks that we could get back together in a few years, but she's not sure and I do love her but hate the way she is treating me

On the other hand i'm getting closer and closer to this other girl who i've known for a long time and we've been good friends for about five years as well.

I think i'm in love with her and I want to be with her but she's also going off to university this year (she's two years younger than me) and she's scared of doing a distance relationship because she has trust issues.

She suggests that we leave it a year and see where we are come May time - the start of the summer. I don't want her to get hurt but I don't want to end up hurting either. She really likes me

I don't know what to do or who to choose. Help me


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  • I say take that break from the current girl, she sounds like a bad idea to still keep around from what you have said. Do get closer to the girl who you've been getting a bit closer to but nothing super serious since she's leaving for uni. That way when summer time comes around see what her relationship status is and then go see her to see if the sparks are still worth tending to if not just have fun with her and then head back to uni. Don't expect anything too highly right now things are changing and nothings a set deal. Until then date around and abide your time if you choose to. But let the current girl go she sounds like she's not coming back.