How many of you guys would NOT date an inexperienced girl? (i. e never had a BF, doesn't hook-up, maybe hasn't been kissed yet, etc)?

If you would NOT date an inexperienced girl is it because you are not looking for a relationship and just a hook-up or fling?


P. S. I'd rather just have guys my age early to late 20's answer this please!! I know a 40 year old guy probably wouldn't want an inexperienced girl at his age ;)


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  • 19 and a half, but guess i'm close enough to answer. I don't have anything against inexperience really. It'd mean i wouldn't have her past experience to judge by, but it can still turn out well.
    Honestly, i'd rather want her inexperienced than dating a girl with a reputation for running from guy to guy.

    But yeah, i wouldn't really mind dating either, it's more down to who they are as persons


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  • In my specific case, the girl I like has had one boyfriend (or at one time she said she was going to have one that weekend but nothing about it since, she's single now) and it wasn't for very long. Maybe she just lost interest.

    I'm kind of worried because she's also my friend and I don't know if that'll happen with me if we ever do try dating.

  • Honestly, I would prefer an inexperienced girl.


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