Kissing question. Needs guys and girls to answer! Please vote?

OK. So leading up to kissing you obviously try to avoid food that will give you stinky breath right? Well my first question is: Say you guys go out for Italian or something, and BOTH chow down on garlic bread? When you kiss, will it seem gross, or since you guys have the same bad breath will you not notice? The poll is for that question.
The second question: what about breath combinations? Could you guys actually enjoy a flavor combo kiss? Like say guy ate chocolate and girl ate peanut butter! YUM! Reese's kiss! What flavor combo kiss do want? Let's have craziest/ most creative win Most Helpful!

  • yeah, it would still be icky
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  • naw, you wouldn't notice
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Most Helpful Girl

  • It wouldn't matter if it was the same but when your in the moment it doesn't matter anyway for the most part...

    So kissing flavors:
    Cinnamon buns and Granny Smith apples for an apple pie kiss
    Vegemite and cheddar for a mouse trap kiss
    Brownies and Vanilla ice cream for an a la mode kiss
    Hazelnuts and chocolate for a Nutella kiss
    Oranges and milk for a creamcicle kiss
    Rum and banana for a banana foster kiss
    Pineapple and rum for a piƱa colada kiss (best in the rain)
    Peanut butter and strawberries for a peanut butter jelly time kiss
    Salsa and meat loaf for a taco kiss
    Vanilla icecream and hazelnuts for a French kiss


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What Girls Said 3

  • if you have a connection and are in a moment you dont tend to dwell on silly things like both of you having garlic bread breath. as for the flavor combo.. I really enjoy mint and beer... sounds weird but I dated a guy and after going out for drinks he would pop some gum and we would kiss... the mixture was nice... although im sure his salvia had a role in it (not everything tastes the same in everyone's mouth)

  • I never notice taste or smell unless tongues are involved tbh but I don't think it would matter if it was the same probably wouldn't notice but different combos could be a bit sickening..

  • I don't notice.


What Guys Said 1

  • Yes generally if you both have garlic you won't notice (unless one of you has much much more).

    I have been suprised to enjoy certain tastes on a girl's lips yes, but not as a 'combo' flavour per say... But unexpected flavour of BBQ sauce on a kiss a moment after a mouthful of cider 'n' black was rather pleasant.

    • Yeah! That'sthe kind of stuff im talking about. I want hear some funny creative ideas too.