Trying to figure out where a special girl to me and I stand?

A little bit of background i'm 21 and she is 19 and we are both university students. We started talking in January last year, hung out a few times but things started looking more and more like a relationship towards the late spring. Probably the height of this time was me taking her out for a walk then dinner and giving her a really expensive bracelet as a birthday present. I think that may have been coming on too strong at the time and given her cold feet, she ended up becoming withdrawn over the next two months. However we started talking again and ended drinking at my place one night late august. She opened up to me about deep personal things she has never told anyone before and things seemed to be going well in terms of how we were connecting. I shyly brought up the notion of us dating. She said she thought we are really good friends but she didn't know if she could see us as a thing because she wouldn't want to ruin our friendship and because she didn't know if she could change her idea of me in her head from a good friend to someone she sexually attracted too or whatever. I know that sounds kind of shallow the whole sexual attractiveness thing but for the record she is still a virgin and is the most absolutely genuine and beautiful person I have ever met and that is simply not the case. She also said thought she was seriously considering it. Since that time we've hungout some more and last night we went to a dinner and concert together. On all these dates, probably 15-20 now I've paid for everything. On last nights date, weeks after that conversation too, she was letting me pay for everything-dinner, beer, and the concert tickets- without any objection, and once again we were hitting it off dancing a little together, it was awesome. She is not just some girl I want to sleep with, she's like my best friend and object of my affection. We're both busy with our athletic seasons so its hard to see each other all the time but I'm crazy for her. Do i have a chance?

oh and since before we even started talking its been a year now since either of us have been seeing anyone else or hooked up or whatever else with anyone


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  • I think its been far too many dates now without a conversation about where it is going. Dont be her free meal, ask her if its going anywhere or not so you can move on. She shouldn't be leading you on. A girl either likes yu or doesn't we wouldn't waste that much time on the fence.


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