Friend tried to kiss me now my BF to me is being an ass?

My friend whom i see like a little brother. Tried to jokingly kiss me last week and had asked. to would i. ever cheat on my bf i told him no i would never and disnt. kiss. him back and. told him not to do that.

Now i. feel my dumb ass shouldn't have came home and told my bf this because. now. he. doesn't want. me to. tAlk to him keeps making stupid jokes like oh having him tAke you to work you talkin to him wanna go hang with him and keeps saying i didn't put him in his place when i feel if you tell someone NO and let them know how things are then its ok to. still talk to them! I just turnes 28 I've known him since i was like 20 and my bf i feel is being an ass when i coukd hope up. ans. go hang. with him insteAd. Of asking him first its Annoying as hell

But am i wrong and. should stop talking to him i dont flirt or anything with him either so i dont get my. bf deal. If he doesn't trustme then he needs to let me know so we can break the fuck up and i. coukd. stop paying. for his fucking kids and himself


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  • Tell your BF to get a grip. You pay the bills in the house, and you let him know what's up (not hiding anything) and that you put your friend in his place.

    You want this to be the last time he brings it up, period.


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