Is My Boyfriend Selfish?

Ok So My boyfriend asked to use my car to go to a job interview. I told him ill just drive him because i needed to do things that day. Ill just write the whole convo out
Him: Then You have to wait if you take me
Me: Why
Him: What You mean Why? It would Be A waste of Gas
Me: Well Then Ill Just Go some Where Around The Area Thats Not Far
Him: Then You'll Just Waste The Gas I Put In.
Then He went into Saying that he'll put two dollars in it just so he can get to where he needs to go so i dont have any gas left. I told Him Thats the whole point In giving Gas Money To Use it To Take you and then the rest thats left in the tank is mine. ( Note its my car, i Bought it and pay insurance). Then it Got To a Point where He said i need my mom for everything. He started Throwing low Blows about how i still use my moms help. (Im 21 and in college). What i wanna know is do you think he's being selfish or just an a**hole?


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  • He's a selfish dog...


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  • He's a selfish asshole

    • -_- Yea I Guess He Showed His True Colors.