A guy friend who I only speak to in class is asking me on a date?

we are in the same class for 2 years and suddenly he asks me on a date and i didn't see it coming. i dont feel any romantically feelings towards him but i'm going to give him a chance. he's a nice guy but i just know that my feelings won't change. it's not like he's ugly i just dont see him that way. it happens to me a few times before and everytime i just can't get myself to have feelings for those boys... :\ i didn't have a crush on someone for so long i feel like i dont have any feelings...


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  • Hang out, give him a try, sweetie. And Not to take Him by surprise, in a round about way, so you're both not off on the wrong foot, tell him it's nice when two school mates can get together and just Hang... He'll get the hint.
    However, I have been in these tough spots before where, it has Backfired, and Never Ever thought in a million years-----I just can't get myself to have feelings for those boys.
    I was 17, visiting New York with a good guy friend of mine. He had taken a girl friend and myself with him to stay for the summer at his family's apartment Right smack in the heart of the city. He was like a big bro to me, 19 and all, and Suddenly, like a shot in the dark, hitting my heart, I Saw him in another light, another way and----Let the show begin. Hot summer that year... I never would have guessed...
    I am not saying with your case that it will happen to you. But One never knows, one can never count on just Being what it is, and like I always say" Nothing for sure in life but death and taxes.
    Give him a shake, and if you have fun together as just school mates, then so be it. And if there is More to meets the eye, then you would have found out that "I Do have a few feelings."
    Beauty is skin deep, and a great personality Always supersedes Looks by far, a mile more, Highlighting And----Delighting.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Tell him this, so he's not wasting his time, or can set his expectations way lower - and not feel bad about it.

    • i think ill just tell him at the end of the date if i like him only as a friend. this way i can give him a chance first...

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  • you do, but maybe you're like me. you can't crush unless if the person is like you. i had a crush for few days the first time i got into the school but after i got to know the guy and found so much in common between us i realized i wanna be friends with him.

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