How to know when a guy want you to make the first move? on Fb and in real life?

How to know when a guy want you to make the first move? on Fb and in real life

anyone please? i need to know please


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  • Here are a few signs. None are sure-fire things, but they're generally how I/others act when we're into someone. He will:
    - Always leave a clear gap between you 2 in group situations. This means even if you're at opposite ends of the room, you'll always be able to see him.
    - Generally want to spend time with you.
    - Lean in when you're sitting down and speaking.
    - Laugh with you.
    - Hold prolonged eye contact.
    - Demonstrate that he trusts you in some way.
    - Try to align your common interests.
    - Try to appear to have an interesting and impressive life.

    All guys are different, but if he's hitting a few of these, then there's something there.


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  • I would help you if i could, but i have no idea. If he says "we should hang out sometime" for exemple, like indirectly suggesting for you to hang out, putting the ball in your court

  • Assuming you think he likes you, does he look at you a lot when you two are in the same room? Also, does he sometimes looks nervous or sad? if yes, then go up to him with a smile and make yourself seem approachable. He wants you to talk to him about anything.

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