Girls, who would you pick over the other?

So, I'm 5'5" and stocky with dark skin. My brother is 6' and athletic with lighter skin (like light brown). He's twenty-eight. I'm twenty-three. I'm creative and docile. He's athletic and chrasmatic. He can throw me under the bus as easily as people shun me for cracking on him. We're Mexican (if that matters). I like my hair long, he likes his short.

I think it may just be me, but I've noticed that girls tend to be more friendly towards him. We can be hanging out with someone and they ignore me every time I say something. This has happened numerous times, especially with girls.

Once, this girl who I thought was my friend, used me to get to him. They were together for four years. I forgave him, because he's my brother and I love him. I don't blame him for being likable. I just don't think its fair that no one likes me.

But its just not my brother. Out of all my friends, I'm the shortest, the darkest, and the stockiest.

Here's a good short story: so my friend was talking to another friend of ours about how I was crushing on another friend. She was on speaker. She also didn't know I was listening. She said that it probably wasn't a good idea for me to pursue our other friend because I'm, "out there", and have a, "big personality." Ok, I know I'm weird. I've been told that all my life. Also: that my lack of experience in relationships/dating would be detrimental to any romantic undertaking with our friend. I took the hint and forgot about her, thinking she was right.

This sort of thing happened again with another person. She said: "I know he's your best friend and I don't want to be mean, but... yeah. He's just not that great." It hurt, sure, but you can't blame people for what they think of you. She preffered him and our other friend. Both taller and lighter. We're all Mexican.

I wouldn't call myself a "nice guy", just a shy hopeless romantic.

Girls, who would you choose? A guy like me or someone like my brother?


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  • I'd pick your brother for a couple of reasons. From what you've shared he sounds very attractive, has charm, and though ops do like guys with long hair I prefer short well it depends on their appearance really, and being athletic is always a bonus.

    As for you, you sound attractive as well easy on the eyes and you almost had me at creative but docile through me off i need someone to balance me off I don't want someone who would always do what I want.

    But that's only based off a fe things you've told me about the both of you. Honestly i give any guy a fair chance not just by his appearance or popularity, and I would never ignore you or use you to get to your brother that's sad that anyone would do that... You sound like you'd be a great friend =)


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  • But hon, in this world, being "nice" is just not enough. If we want just nice then we can go buy a dress or something. harsh but true. Challenge. And point is the only thing that differs us from men are their chromosomes, testosterones and well, masculinity. we're attracted to energies like confidence. If you're insecure about liking yourslef how the hell are we supposed to like you? We like to brag too. its kinda in our nature

  • he's what society dreams of but at the end of the day no one wants what he's got because its a boring norm.

  • Your brother fits the definition of male attractiveness that the media works hard to shove down the throats of young girls. Add to that he's got the outgoing social personality? I'm not surprised he's getting all the attention.


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