How do you feel about a girl telling you she likes you?

ve liked a guy for a very long time but never reay knew him. At first, i thought itd go awaa in 2-3 weeks but it didn't leave me for 10 months and I was feeling very uncomfortable because i couldnt do anything. he's really shy and barely evrr talks, he's just in his own corner... you know... doing homework or something. I just really wanted to let it out so i can feel better and not bug myself about it. I didn't really expect anything back. And i told him and he said he had a gf but thanked me because i tild him. So. Now im back at school and still like him. he's single and knows my interest towards him. Could something happen since he's single and knows i like him?


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  • Just talk to him again about it :)

    • wouldn't that make me look clingyyy?

    • you don't have to be obvious about it, just be like 'hey, I was thinking of going to 'this event' would you wanna come to it with me?' or simply just ask him if he wants to grab lunch, neither mean anything, but at the same time it gives each of you a chance to get to know each other

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