If you're on a date with a "bigger" girl, and she orders...

A burger with fries and a coke, are you thinking that she shouldn't be eating that?

I would consider myself somewhere in the middle category. My body is exactly like hers:


Slightly smaller in the midsection. And this has just occurred to me. Like, would my date be completely turned off by what I eat? And I usually like to finish my meal? Would he expect me to order a salad or something lighter? Sorry if this is just a stupid question, I feel so self conscious all of a sudden.


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  • I think if a girl was big and lead you to believe she was trying to lose weight, THEN ordered a burger and fries Id probably be WTF. IF she was just a big girl and ate what she wanted to, then Id give her kudos for not worrying about trying to fit a "ideal" but at the same time that's not the type of girl I'm attracted to.

    • Yeah, I'm a big girl and have not led guys to believe that I'm on a diet or anything as I'm pretty happy with my size. Of course since you're not attracted to this type, then someone like you probably wouldn't have asked someone like me out in the first place. I guess if a guy asks me out, then he's already attracted to me and I shouldn't be worrying about this.

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    • You should just go out and order some. Everyone needs a break every now and then.

    • But if I don't have a six pack nobody will love me!!! Jk, yea I'll probably go out sometime soon and eat something descent.

  • If its early in the relationship, then you may want to turn it down a little. You know first impressions, yada yada yada,

    If you know each other fairly well (like a month, maybe earlier), then go for it: Double bacon cheese burger with extra large fries, large chocolate milkshake, etc. Ask him if he wants to share, then get an extra one ;D (Being comical here).

    Be who you are, get the foods you like. From the picture, if that's your size, then your wonderful. That's just the right size, sides, skinny twig women scare me...

    • Okay, so you think I should order something lighter? If you were on a date with the girl in the photo and she ordered a burger and fries, would you think "yikes"? It's never been a problem for me before but I just thought of this because of something a friend said. I mean, I don't go all out but I do eat a regular sized meal.

    • I would not go yikes. I expect girls to eat food. A burger and fries seems like a regular meal, and I would have no problem with what a girl likes to eat.

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