I date my best friends crush? While he FAKE dates her?

He told me one day while we were instant messaging that he liked me and if i would consider dating him i said yes but i was not thinking my parents do not allow me to date and my friend might be mad if i date him what should i do.
P. S the only reason he said he "goes out with her" was because i kept asking him too and he wanted to make me happy and get closer to him...

  • Sisters before misters
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  • Misters before sisters
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  • Just tell her whats up and keep dating him
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  • Bros before hoes. So yeah you should date him! People should date who they like...


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  • Tell Selena Gomez that she had her time with Justin and now it's your turn.


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  • I Would Never Do That To A Friend, Rethink What Your Doing. You Could Lose a Friendship Over a guy.

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