Girls what do you mean when you call a guy a "good man"?

What exactly does it mean, what do you actually think about the guy? This girl called me one


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  • Good guy for me is... Someone that i can trust, honest, and date one girl at the time...

  • My guy's a Good Man. By that I mean he satisfies me in almost very way, intellectually, academically, sexually, goals, morals, etc.
    That said, there is no perfect match, ever. We try to be open with issues and resolve them if possible.
    I have learned at the old age of 19 (yeah my pic was at 16), that flexibility and compromise are part of the deal.
    One other thing. I have my guy. I mean I really really have him. He is crazy for me and I seem to need that. I have the ultimate Good Man.

  • that he is a good guy... you know has a nice personality and he is a good guy with nice feelings... actually a good person:)


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