What are the qualities of a good girlfriend? Who was your best boyfriend/girlfriend, and what did they Do to make themself special?

I need physical and emotional. Examples are welcome.

I've never had a boyfriend, but when I get one, I want to be perfect. I'm a perfectionist but I sometimes believe that ill never be good enough. So let me know.


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  • Dear madam,

    The qualities of any good significant other can vary from individual to individual. You must understand that nobody is perfect and as humans, we do make mistakes. To say that you wish to be perfect is truly and unreachable goal for anyone. Don't try to be perfect but instead, be there for him and truly love him. Show him that you care but remember to give him space (Don't become too clingy as that may drive some people away). Mainly, just be yourself, if he truly fell in love with you he fell in love with you for you, not for any other reason. Being yourself is what will make him happy. I hope this advice helped you and please remember to keep your chin up and remember that you are good enough. You will meet someone one day that will sweep you off your feet and at first you may not even know that it is them.

    Kind regards,


    • This sounds logical. All good advices in one. This really made me feel better. Thanks.

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  • This is by far is my favorite question I'll start by saying to know as much knowledge as possible' not so much the kind that causes opinion adjustments' rather the kind that is based on memorization and recitation and then applying it for charecter development. also try nurturing yourself with romanticism for inner beauty and self analyzation. always choose the nerd over the popular guy' trust your inner voice over your friends' learn about the art of sex like the Kama sutra, then study the science of sex which is based on vibrational stimulation. The reason I say study it is because people tend to loose their identity with sex and hormones. This is just part 1 if you except what I say there will be a part 2 please comment. Thank you

  • Having a boyfriend is not easy to become perfect especially at your age. it depends on what your boyfriend standard. If he is serious or not in your relationship. Some guys have all the guts just for fun or curiosity. In physical you have to prefer yourself for a sex for instance. Is your boyfriend drinking wine? If... there is a strong possibility for sex. In emotional, avoid from your boyfriend seen you having some talking or anything that suspicious he got jealous on you to avoid love quarrelling.


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