I use whatsapp and I see him not replying my message!?

I've been dating this guy that I met through an online dating app. We went on 3 dates and I have to say I really like him. He's very caring and affectionate when he's with me however, when he's not with me, I sometimes do have second thoughts about him. Luckily, we never had sex! He always tells me that he misses me and wants to see me but, I catch him not replying to my messages. Couple weeks ago, I stopped messaging him because I felt that he wasn't being honest with me and do question if he's seeing other girls. I didn't want to get hurt. However, after ignoring him for a day, he would message me again. Meeting him again and he shows that he really likes me... makes me back to square one. He did clarify to me that he is looking for a relationship and not a hook up or no strings attached/friends with benefits kind of thing.

I use whatsapp messenger so I can see that he was online at what time. He ignores my message and then would reply me later. Why would guys do that? Is he leading me on?


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  • Dear Sweetsugarcandy,

    In a relationship the key thing is communication and if communication isn't established or ceases then the relationship will be dead. It is like the shark which must keep moving forward to survive, like a relationship, communication must continue to be there or it will not survive. I would consider talking to him about this before making a dicision on what to do. It could be that he is busy or maybe an issue with his phone. I'm sure its nothing to worry about but still something to bring up to him. I do hope everything works out for you and him.

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    • We are not in a relationship yet. The other question is, he said he wanted a relationship but he's not bringing me forward. It seems like he's a little bit leading me on and not willing to be committed. In situations like this where he doesn't reply, I would send him another text then he would say something. But this time, I don't want send him another text and see what will happen.

    • Ah, my sincerest apologies, you said you were dating so I made an assumption that you two were together. I would suggest (As I stated above), to speak with him about it and tell him how you feel. If that does not work or becomes to difficult then the best thing to do is to break it off and move forward.

      Kind regards,

      Stuttgart Gentleman

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