What would you think when a guy messages you immediately after a date?

What would you think when a guy messages you immediately after a date?

  • That's in general unattractive. He must be desperate.
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  • I like it. He must like me very much.
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  • He is probably inexperienced. Most guys would wait 2-3 days to do that.
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  • other (please elaborate)
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  • idk/wanna c results
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  • Right after, nothings better. That means he made up his mind. No need to add up positives for possibilities. Everything went great and he can't wait for date 2. Mostly because if you feel strongly about some one the best time to get a response is right after - giving them no time to think but to know how they feel. Good or bad. I do suggest if you feel in anyway you messed up the date and want another chance give it a day or two so she can have time to think. Well needed after a screw up. But if you miss judge it you risk loosing your spark or being replaced.


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  • Other: if I like the guy back, that would be brilliant, as it shows he's just as into me as I am into him! A nice, prompt post-date text saying something like "thanks for the date, I had a great time and I hope you did too. x" that would be perfect. Buuuuut, if I wasn't so keen on the guy, I would probably interpret it as desperation. I hope this helps a bit!

  • I would honestly rather a guy wait until the next day or two... After two days, it would make me think I did something wrong. I don't like clingy people though.

  • I think other, because it depends on how the guy acted during the date. But... I would rather have him wait 2-3 days and then ask me out again and have a conversation on the phone about what we liked about the date and such. I mean, texting right after I just left.. No. I don't like clingy guys, or clingy people in general. Even if I had a boyfriend I wouldn't be the girl to talk or text him every single waking moment. So if this is your situation, wait to text her. It'll keep her thinking and wondering.


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