Should I Go On Other Dates?

I've met this guy online and we've been on 3 dates. I really like him and I think I actually love him. But, he's been acting weird lately and he's confusing me. He says that he wants to be in a long-term relationship but we've been seeing each other for more than a month and there's no progress. We hold hands when we go out and we kiss all the time and it frustrates me. He sometimes says one thing and does another. Whenever we see each other he's very affectionate towards me and wants to hug and kiss me. But when we are not together, I'm confused as hell. We never had sex though which I guess it's a good thing.

Since he's so confusing and seems unreliable, I did go online and talked to other guys and they do want to meet up. I held back from some because I felt like I want to be committed to him. I feel guilty. However, he's ignoring my texts and replying me like couple hours later. I think he's seeing and talking to other girls. He admitted to be before that he had been on another date after meeting me.

We are not in a relationship technically but I do feel guilty for going on other dates. Should I go on other dates? or Should he go on other dates too? Is this the online-dating world?


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  • The problem with online dating is what do most of us do online? We use the internet to kill time. So, online daters do the do the same thing. They meet someone online, they talk to them, possibly meet them in person and have fun. But at the end of the day once you two are apart again, they're back online looking at everyone else who might be interested in them.

    I would tell him you're tired of waiting and move on. He's had his chance and obviously he's not making you a priority.


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