Should I make a move?

So I've had a crush on a female peer for 2 years now. I haven't had the balls to ask her out. She's out of my league but we share common interests and our personalities are similar, so we compliment each other well. We're not close enough to be considered "brother & sister" or "best friends" mainly because we're both shy. We make a lot of random eye contact during the day and we share some classes together. We make small talk some times, but we never talk about personal topics. To top it off, she invited me to an extracurricular club and I agreed to join (which is how we got to further know each other during the first year). TL;DR I want to go out with a girl I've known for two years; too afraid to advance because of rejection. What do?

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  • I guess you should just give it a try =)


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