I want to ask a guy to be more that what we are?

I'm in a friends with benefits relationship with a guy.. I really like him, and he's hinted that he might too. I'm going to ask him if he would ever date me but I don't know how. Even if he says no, I still want to be with him as a friend. I just need to hear from his mouth before my feelings become serious or I make an idiot of myself.


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  • Just ask him. Guys aren't "just friends" with girls. Chances are if he's your friend, he's willing to date you.

    • But do I say, "could we be more than friends if not there's no problem I just need you to tell me" or do I say "would you ever date me" or what? My issue is what to say.

    • Yep basically either of those two. Guys are very direct and prefer to be asked direct questions.

    • Yaaaaay!!! Thanks!

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