A Girl I like and her Birthday Coming up?

Hey I was wondering what I should do for this girl I like and her birthday is coming up, she is homschooled and I am friends with her older brother. I was wondering any good card ideas or something I could get her that shows subtle that I like her? I bought her a camcorder already because she loves to film and one day is planning to go to acting school. what else would make her Birthday awesome and hint at her that I like her or something cute to give her?


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  • Take her out for dinner, maybe give her a white or red rose..(it dont have to be a pile)+ your present... She will like it if she's artistic person

    • she is a very artistic person, the only problem is she is homeschooled and does everything as a family so idn how it would work if i approached for dinner she may get scared, also she is 3 years younger, she will be 17 and i am 20, what do you think?

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    • Hahaha , tell me what's ur plan... And i'll tell u that it works or not ;)

    • U can send me in a message if u want

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  • I'm a fan of birthday cake oreos its a subtle thoughtful cheap I care about you gift

    • Thanks, she eats strictly and follows a diet known as paleo should I cook her something, thats what she did for my birthday she made me caramel sauce

    • Good idea it's always the thought and effort that makes a present special

    • Thank You for your help

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