Is it possible for me to find a guy that is this attracted to me again?

I was seeing a jerk who really lied to me the entire time and was using me to get physical.

The one thing I believe that he told me was that he found me very attractive. I liked that he desired me, and coupled with his seemingly "genuine" interest I began to like him a lot.

It felt good that he found me so attractive. I had to do nothing to turn him on, at all. He could just sit next to me and put his arms around me and he was clearly hard!

He just seemed really Into me physically. Always told me how hot and attractive I was. Loved running his hands over my entire body and he just seemed awestruck by my appearance. Complimented every little part of my appearance- from my nails to my hair to my eyes and my fingers, my mole on my face, etc.

He did cute things like pick me up and kiss me and put his arms around me while behind me and all these cute romantic gestures.

I'm human and I did like the attention. I liked how he made me feel attractive.

Ultimately I figured out he just wanted sex (complicated) but that's definitely what he was after.

Can I find a guy who is into me as physically as he was? I also want him to be Into me as a person. This guy clearly wasn't so I left him.

I'm just not sure how common it is for a guy to like a girl's looks that much. I've never received this kind of attention before. I can't deny that it was flattering.

Will a genuine guy be into me physically also with time, after he gets to know me and like me for who I am as a person?


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  • Its either he was sexually frustrated or you're really just plain attractive. Dont question yourself. He liked you before all this insecurity. Flaunt it


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  • You'd have to post your pic to accurately judge that.

  • I'm sure you can. You just have to believe in yourself.


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  • I think you will be able to find a nice guy that will treat you as good as that but also want you not just for sex. my fiancĂ© is the exact same way but doesn't just want sex. don't get down. good things will eventually happen soon you'll see. just keep your chin up :-)

    • I sure hope so. I just want a guy who loves me as a person and physically too. Both components are really important for a relationship. I just hope I meet someone.

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    • you're such a nice person! You made my night :)

      All my friends tell me I'll meet someone great. I just really hope that happens.

    • well im glad I could help :-) sometimes great guys are just worth waiting for and they will show up at the perfect time. you have nothing to worry about. just be you and everything will be fine girl

  • Yes of course...

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