Is this guy worth trying to get him back? My fault or his?

me and this guy were kinda seeing each other. i thought he liked me but he broke it off with me. the reason why he did it was pretty understandable but still if he really wanted to be with me he could of tried harder. not saying its not my fault because its most likely is but right now i really don't know what to think so i thought id ask you guys. we weren't official or anything but we were making our way there. at first i wasn't that into him so i was being my usually outgoing crazy self and he loved my personality and we had a great time. but (uh oh) i started getting feelings for him & when i star getting feelings i freak out because i start thinking there's more to lose now. so i completely shut down. ill barely talk and i won't initiate anything. id only kiss him if he kissed me and stuff like that. and i wouldn't do anything sexual with him or for him. hed have to text me first and hed always have to ask me to hang out even though i did once but then i kinda uninvited him cuz i told him ''ya but you probley wouldn't wanna come not your scene''. i was just so in to wanting to impress him that i did the opposite of that & when he broke it off he basically said it was getting to awkward between us and it didn't seem like i liked him and i wasn't who he thought i was.

so i get it a lot of it could be my fault but there is things that he did wrong too. like when we hung out he would be all over me and maybe i wouldn't have felt so intimated if he wasn't, he only texted me like 3 time a week, he never invited me out with him and his friends well he did one time but then he broke up with me before we could do it. he never really talked about personal things. he was more outgoing in person but on text i tried to see where he wanted this to go but when i tried he changed the subject kinda. also it seemed like he really wanted to have sex with me so i don't know if that was his only motive.

i think i fixed my issues. i still really like him but is he worth it?

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