Crushing... But he's taken?

Over the summer I went to band camp. I met a guy, he goes to my school, and I found out he's really funny and nice. My friend told me he was going to ask me out that night (he told her). He never did, though. Now we are back in school, and we never talk. I still like him, but he has a girlfriend. How can I get him to notice me and maybe like me again? Please help me!!!


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  • Rules to follow. 1: though girls love doing it. Somewhere it has to stop. But rule one. Don't crave or ask for attention, it's a turn off once you over do it. Rule 2, be yourself and have open communication. Closed mouth don't get feed. Rule 3, never look for nobody to like, love, or rule over besides family. Your just asking for drama in your future. Example would be if this guy someday makes this girl his future wife. Then your efforts was for nothing. Only put something into a friendship, relation, or any other thing if it's worth the risk, not when you know it's not going to work. Your just shooting yourself in the foot. The solution to this is be yourself, talk to him a lot, and teach him something you know that he doesn't know but might like. That's best way to grab a guys attention.

  • Stay away from taken men. You wouldn't want another woman coming in on your man if you were with a guy, right?


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