Has anyone hear of or tried the X-rated version of Tinder - Mixxer? What do you think of hookup apps like Tinder or Badoo?

The creators of Tinder say it is not a hookup app but I tend to think most people are looking for FWB's I go on there for eye candy to be honest I have no desire to actually pursue a relationship and apparently the guys that I have talked to on these apps are not either. Some I have had nice convos with. Now there is an app similar to Tinder where people specifically are looking for sex and it is not connected to Facebook you can upload naked pics for your profile and it tells you how close someone is but Adultfriendfinder. com and sites like my fuck book have been around as well yet people still prefer social networks and rate me apps to look for sex when there are sites made for that. I wonder why people choose dating sites. Maybe they like challenge Idk. Why does everyone think?

There have been 2 recent rape cases where I live where a person used Tinder even though the girl should not have invited the guy over to her home for a first face-to-face. You have to be cautious and get to know people and what they really want


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  • I don't like them, my male friends use them but I don't. I think its just a fad that'll eventually go away. If you want to date online then dating websites like eharmony and match. com seem more reliable, they cost money but at least you can contact people and have a good general idea of a person.

    My opinion is probably influenced by the fact I am against "hooking up" in general. While some of the women on these sites are physically attractive I wouldn't trust their "word" when it comes to sex and I certainly wouldn't trust them in a relationship.

    I don't take someone seriously for sex or a relationship unless I've met them in person several times. People choose to get online for hook ups because its easier and much less effort has to be put in order to encourage a meet up, in most cases.

    • I'm not into hooking up either. I do think these apps are convenient for people that are if you state your intentions and find a good match but that does not make it safe.

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    • I also fantasize about the eye candy occasionally lol

    • 😉 , I believe you whole-heartedly.

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