The Internet is my comfort zone?

I have met a lot of guys over the Internet. We get along great. I really want to meet them in real life but I'm just so anxious and it stops me from meeting them, I don't know why I guess I just over think it too much. I think they won't like me anymore, or there will be an awkward silence (which I hate) or I'll do something stupid, like who even pays for the food, that's the most awkward part. When people hear I don't date they are surprised. I've been told I'm pretty and gorgeous, I guess I just have anxiety issues when it comes to meeting new people. How can I fix this? I'm ready to get out there its just the anxiety holding me back. I don't want to take meds or go to a doctor or tell anyone about my anxiety for that matter as I don't think it's that serious, like I said I only get it when meeting new people. Usually, one i spend a cetain amount of time with someone my personality really shines through and i make great friendships. Like at work, im friends with a lot of guys and girls there but thats becuase it wasn't in an awkward situation, it was already there.. kinda like family... you kind of have to know them and talk to them otherwise you can't do your job. Does this even make sense?


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  • it would be appropriate to befriend people of your nature. Those friends could help you get out of your anxiety situation.


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