Should I think this is a big deal or just drop it?

My bf and I started dating August 6th of last year. I was basically staying every night and about a month to month in a half he asked me to move in. Which I decided to give it a try. Well a couple days ago we got in a fight about him texting someone which I thought was a girl but ended up being a guy on Aug 14th of last year. He said he weren't even dating at the time cuz it said in the texts in July about a girl he did stuff with. Which I knew about that. And we weren't dating the time it happend. Well anyways I asked when we started dating then and he said I don't know like Aug 20th. When on Aug 6th of this year he said happy anniversary. I'm just wondering why he is all of a sudden changing our when before he agreed with me on Aug 6th. Is this a bad thing or should I not think to much about it and just drop it? Also why would he change it?


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  • He just f*cked another girl days before starting to date you? Not good.

    • We were with each other basically every day

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