He called me psycho?

the man i am seeing called me pshycho because i txt'd him numerous times... I am hurt. We have knwn each other for many years... I dated him for a year then we broke up... I broke it off because I thought at the time things wer going too quickly and I was afraid to get hurt again. He has always been the one to innitiate contact via txt. we got together again after a very long time and i confessed that I did love him. He told me he loved me too. we live 2 hours apart... i knew that would be difficult but nothing ventured nothing gained. He was constanly texting me for 3 weeks... we had a great time... said he was going to make an honest effort at getting together more regularly as he is very busy with a full time job and a side business as well... I thought ok... i'm independant too... we'll see each other when we do. I found I started missing him after a couple days of no contact so i started texting him... i guess a little too much... i told him his ego was getting in the way when i didn't hear from him... he called me and lost it on me calling me pshycho and that what i was doing wasn't endearing to him etc... I apologized and tried to explain... he just flipped it all back onto me... he has not contacted me in a week now... i feel terrible


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  • Well live and learn. No more long distance relationships, and lay off the texting. We all make mistakes.


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  • Well you probably are. Stop being psycho. You're just an entitled spoiled little brat. Good luck with life. Grow up.