Should I give it another shot with the girl I used to have a thing for?

I'm 17, male and basicaly there was a girl at my school who I really admired/liked. She is hard working, she seems quite nice and she's also in my eyes quite attractive. I was fed up of doing nothing in the past so I went up to her stupidly out of nowhere and asked her out. Obviously she said 'no' but she said it was simply as we didn't know each other at all which is a valid point. We don't share any lessons together, I barely see her around school as it's so large etc and that's why I decided to just go for it. What I did has made things quite awkward between us and to top it all off both of us are quite independent/ a bit shy. Deep down though (I could be completely wrong), I think she may like me back a bit but because of the awkwardness is afraid to talk about it. I don't want to make things anymore awkward between us for her sake but even my friend out of the blue the other day said that I stood a chance with her if I gave it another go. the problem is regarding getting to know her, nothing has changed as I literally have no opportunities. Should I just forget about her or should I maybe try to spark something up again?


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  • chat her on Facebook or snapchat her a couple of times a day and slowly start to get to know her and then you can ask her out with more confidence :)

    • That's the thing, I don't have her Facebook or snapchat. Things are really awkward after me asking her out last time that we simply don't speak now because it's so awkward.

    • hmm well then i suppose if she approaches you/ makes an effort then sure, go for it. But dont put yourself through too much strain if she's not gonna make an effort, you'll probably just get your heart broken otherwise

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  • Get To Know Her First ^_^ And Go Out On Dates.


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  • I'd say go for it, just get to know her a bit, at least about a week or two.

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