How often do you text the person you are dating?

you care about them, you both know you like each other, but its still new you guys don't finish each others sentences quite yet...

  • text? what?
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  • a couple times a month
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  • a couple times a week
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  • every day
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  • multiple times a day
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Most Helpful Guy

  • depends on how well i know her, but i usually wait for the girl to contact me mostly cause i dont want to pester her
    so i can't vote cause there's too many variables, i'd much rather actually be with her in person as much as possible than be on a phone, i dont like talking on phones etc all day or whatnot

    • I think you may have just blown the mind of every rule following girl right now! :)

    • i hope its in a good understandable way ;) could i pick your mind on what you mean by that?

    • Well I mean I think it's a good thing, personally because I never got the stupid rule book thing, but a lot of girls follow rules like wait until he texts you, never text him first and you just proved without intending to that those rules aren't real :)

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What Guys Said 1

  • Well in my case we've been together almost a year, but because it's long distance we text everyday, sometimes multiple times.

    • Where you ever in the same area?

    • No, we met online and fell in love. We've visited each other a few times, and I'm saving up to move.

    • Gotcha

What Girls Said 4

  • probably everyday, throughout the day... assuming that we only got to see each other in person once a week or less. if we saw each other more often, then i'd text less.

  • Pretty much. But I like to hear his voice more than text him.

  • Well sometimes everyday but mostly he or I texted each other it's not wrong to text your bf after all u like each other

    • it's not about being wrong it's about social norms :)

  • whenever im not with him

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