Describe in one line: what is dating?

Tell me briefly, what means dating for you? According to your life experience and knowledge about this matter, what you can say of it? Do you want to date someone or not, recently? If you are already dating what would you recommend before starting a date?

PS: Be as frankly as possible, so use anonymous if you want.

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Can anybody give me a better view on dating? I cannot choose a MH right now because there is no candidates yet... I want to give MH as soon as possible to get rid of GAG annoying messages


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  • Concerning.

    • Could you say more about this definition? Why only "conrcening"?

    • I mean the dating scene has changed to where guys/girls are mainly interested in sex without committment. Most people find it hard to trust someone anymore due to the amount of cheating that goes on. You said one word and concerning seems to fit modern dating.

    • That's sad. I don't think all about sex only for dating

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  • Dating is fun as ling you dont take it seriously thats what i decided

    • Isn't that a bit contradiction? What made me never dated someone for real was because I have never thought in facing it seriously. If I date someone and not take seriously so why I am dating?

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    • It happens don't give up some girls like these stuff , in fact one girl said she want to marry me , i was happy then now thinking what the hell was wrong with me , but i just text her after two years not because i want to marry her she was the only woman who really loved me , so ur approach would make any woman feel wanted and loved , just dont rush into things.

    • I hope you lucky to get that girl again. Everybody commits mistakes in their life, and some of them are useful to learn something very new. So even if you don`t get her, don`t panic.
      I hope my approach make me find THE girl for me, my "black sheep" partner

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  • dating is friendships with sex&intimacy essentially.
    I've never been one for dating and have no interest what so ever do be in a relationship.
    there is too much drama and work that goes into being with someone. I am a lone wolf and I love it that way

  • Dating is something you do, when you are ready to find someone to marry. Not before because is pointless to date someone if you don't have the intention to get married. I take this things seriously.

    • "Dating is something you do, when you are ready to find someone to marry" >> that's exactly the same way i think, it is not coincidental that you think the same as me because you are very catholic

  • In todays world dating is mostly "Wham Bam thank-you maam"

    • "Wham Bam" means sex? So nowadays people date only because of easy sex?

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    • No, its easier to tell by their personality when you are with them. All Im saying is they could be the relationship type or not.

    • I dunno... There are some girls who dress in a very cute way, but you have no idea how much experienced in sex she is.

  • Basically everything what i mean by that is it can be wonderful loving fun exciting as well as stressful drama and draining

    • Which of them have you lived?

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    • Lol ha yes it is but hey love can drive you a little nutty

    • I believe in a love with reason

  • Living hell.


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