Do I kiss him too much?

i recently started dating a good friend of mine and he's my first boyfriend and first kiss at age 22. so far I've initiated kissed 8/10 times and yesterday after kissing he said it would be nice if i allowed him to kiss me sometime.

i just think that hed kiss me like once a week if i waited for him. how do i work around this?


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  • 1. Him saying that is a serious warning - heed it :-)
    2. It's not only psychological but also a natural thing for the guy to start kissing etc. Though nothing wrong with the girl starting it but most times it's the guy who does and even the girls like it that way :-)
    3. My girl's got this streak in her and she has asked me more than once if I'd allow her to kiss me rather than the other way round. Well I did allow it but apart from her psychological need for it, I don't think she enjoyed doing it much either lol
    4. Well maybe if you back off he'd find that more fem and you need to make him feel more macho i. e. that he leads so he gets comfortable and initiates the kissing part :-)
    5. Being pushy to kiss may only make him back out further :-)

    • i also would like it more if he initiated it. ALOT. i will give him some space then. i dont want to push him away

    • Sure give him space but make it a point to tell him after a while that you like being kissed more frequently and a lot. Mind you don't start it right now, give him some time & space & then tell him, the way he told you about 'he'd like it better if you allowed him to kiss you'

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