Girl wants to go on 5th date but has little time?

So I have been on four dates with this lady, but she cancelled the last 2. Because on 1 we were both sick and the 2nd her mum had an injury (lame excuse, almost made me end it).

Now she asked me when I wanted to meet up? And an hour later asked "if i still wanted to meet up at all?"

So now we are planning to meet up and she is basically saying all days are full, except Friday evening.
It has been like this most times.

It's pretty confusing because it's asif she doesn't really WANT to date. Yet she asks to meet up.

What is going on with her? Should I even bother?


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  • She just wants a Friday Night date.

    • We unfortunately don't talk anymore. She wanted me to travel 1,5 hours to have a 3h date and she wouldn't compromise anywhere.

      Thanks for the comment though.

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