He keeps canceling plans?

There's this guy I meet, he seems really nice but yet he always cancels on dates at the very last minute or sometimes he doesn't even let me know he can make it and I'm sitting by the phone waiting for him to text/call but he never does. He never tells me why he can't make & it makes me so mad! the last time he made plans he told me he can make it up to me the following day but I told him I would be busy, my time is very precious to me and it seems like he's stringing me along! :( ( we have yet to go on a date or anything of that sort)


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  • I can't really answer this because he doesn't say why he couldn't make it but I'll try. If he initiates the plannings then he does want to go out and enjoy being with you, it might be that he just wants the 1st date to go smooth without any problems (I've recently delayed a date because of this). Also, guys feel like it's their responsibility to give a girl they like a good date, if he starts stressing that something might go wrong he might cancel/delay it.

    If you're the one planning and he keeps cancelling then I can only say to not have high hopes and try to move on.

    This is my perspective, I'm sure others might say something completely different. :)


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