Guy acts really interested on a first and second date then doesn't text back for days... why?

Quick summary..
Met a guy online, went on a date, went really well and ended with him saying we should definitely do it again soon
He then texted me half an hour later to say what a good time he'd had. Texts every day follow for a week and then silence...
A week later he texts to ask how I am, I answer with a question... no response...
Another week or so later he texts to ask for a date. I figure give him a chance. Second date goes really well, he tells me throughout how gorgeous he thinks I am and how comfortable the convo feels. He explains the radio silence as being really stressed at work but had still thought about me. We kiss, he walks me to the station and says he wants to see me again soon, I say I'm only free Mon and Tues the next week, he says fine. He texts me half an hour later saying 'wow' and that he fancies me. I reply the same.
Next day I message to ask how his presentation went, he said fine, asked about my evening, I said good and asked him about his... nothing...
Its been three days now with no reply

Am I being completely messed around? Or is he just a really rubbish texter?


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  • 3 common reasons why guys do this
    1) he's getting tired of doing everything and the girl doesn't so guys get turned off and bored of girls like that, cause were going nowhere
    2) he's a player and/or has other girls
    3) he's busy, guys are not glued to their phones or computers all day, we go out to do things


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  • Some people just have too much going on in their lives. Yes, he is a bad texter too! He has absolutely no priority with you. This is a red flag. I would forget this guy and move on.


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  • He thought you guys would have sex on the second date, but didn't. He was just after sex.

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