What should I do here, im so lost did I screw up somewhere? am I being used?

so me and this chick hit it off rather well few weeks back, and we texted, talked and etc. we both turned out to want the same thing ( a relationship w/o the BS and games) so we went out and had fun we both enjoyed each other company and what not.

this is where things get weird, since we went out and had fun, she been, distant, not really as flirty anymore and not the same person i met and grown to like. this is confusing because in our date, we actually (again) had fun, not forced fun or forced reactions. but actual fun along with us being flirty in public. so i dont know what could be causing this. if it was a bad date, i could see this happening (and it has to the point where me and a girl dont talk to each other after that) but it wasnt.

hell if anything the only thing that went wrong was that i lost my bank card on the way to meet her and i didn't notice till we got to the place. so she paid (but i did say i would pay her back ASAP since i told her i was going to pay for the thing) which i did. and we were suppose to go out again Friday for her bday but now im not so sure about doing this since i feel like im being used.

i asked my friends about this, guys said just leave her and go after someone who not going to bs/ use you like this . and girls said, just play along and see what happens. some girls get really distant when they like a guy (again this is confusing since she wasn't like this at all) but i choose to leave her alone today and message/call her tomorrow if she doenst do so first (which she hasnt)

am i doing the right thing? what do you guys think i should do? give it time or just go fuck it. and move on to the next one?

i mean is it me or is it the girls who say, they want something real, or a guy who doesn't play games, the ones who do things like this.


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  • You did nothing wrong. She's just confused about what she wants. Leave her alone for a while, then try asking her what she wants to do.


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