Guys, anyway to convince a boyfriend to wanna go to homecoming?

My boyfriend does not like dancing/dances but I would love to go to homecoming. It's my senior year so it'll be my last dance before prom. He said he would rather just go out to dinner but I had high hopes on going to this dance with him. He said I could go with friends since I'd probably have more fun but all my friends are getting dates and I'd honestly have more fun if he was there. Any advice on what to do about this? Thanks!


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  • Describe to him that he doesn't have to go, but it would really mean a lot to you and your relationship if he would take you to homecoming.
    He is most definitely stressed about being in a dance atmosphere. Reinforce that it will be fun and laid back, and compliment him a lot in his suit to boost his confidence. Eventually he'll get comfortable with the whole thing.

  • Guys are like dogs, offer them some sort of incentive and will do what you want. Its best to train them while they are young, can't teach an old dog new tricks.


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