Good or bad way to ask a girl out in high school?

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So recently, I found myself to be interested in a new Sophomore girl who goes to my high school. About a day ago, I was telling my friend that I just wanted to 'show some balls' and walk up to her and tell her straight-up, "Hey! I just wanted to let you know that I think you're really interesting to speak to. The fact how you told me you come very close to where I came from is something I find really neat about you, and I was wondering if we could get together sometime and doing something outside - ... and as a side note, I think you really do look gorgeous."

However, my friend told me that despite how 'noble' doing something like this is, it's really something that people only did in the "80s - 90s," and don't really do anymore since nowadays most girls apparently find that "creepy" (Based on his accord that I don't know her too well).

What do you guys think? Is there a better way I should be doing this or is my friend just wrong?


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  • You never know until you try! I'd suggest saying something not as long as that though, maybe ask her out to do something and figure out a date if she agrees to it. And then go from there. Good luck :)


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  • A bad way to date a girl in high school is to get eight of your fiends dressed in masks and throw her in the back of a van. The nice way is to ask her to some crap thing where there are flowers and lots of pink colors everywhere.


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  • Yeah, all you have to say is "hey bro, wanna go see a movie or somethin like that on Saturday night."

    With your idea of a super long speech, it makes you seem like you need a ton of reasons to ask her out, and it makes you seem like you over-prepared and not "cool" about it. Girls like casual these days, which might not be a good thing.

    And so it goes...

    • :/ This makes sense but confuses me since so many people always give me different answers. Wish some females on here would respond. :(

    • Yeah, and it's different for different girls of course.