Text him first or nah?

I've been texting this guy for two months in an LDR so we have never met but are planning to real soon. We are both in highschool and he lives 40 mins away so it's not really LDR but since we both can't drive it seems like it. Anyway we have been texting and we are a "thing" I guess. We flirt and he calls me babe baby etc. I've texted him first a couple times before and he always responds and is into the convo but I don't know I just always freak out before doing it and I don't know if I should. The last time we texted was last Wednesday but he didn't read the text until yesterday and he hasn't texted since then so I don't know if I should text him or not?

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  • Hi, Justcuriousxox, Hope you do not mind a Girl's point of view... Maybe I can shed some light.
    Being you are in this LDR, for I know all about this. I have a husband way out in God's creation, Egypt, so where your guy Is, is just a stone's throw to me... It doesn't seem very far. I see where you're at though here.
    However, when In this LDR, I always believe, whether it be Skype, Yahoo, 'Texting,' even Talking on the phone, that open lines of communication are one of the most important things to have when in this kind of relationship. And Especially Now, sweetie, when you are Supposedly 'Planning to real soon' Meet. This way, you both have had a Good chance in knowing More about one another, have nurtured and nursed This a bit, and it won't seem so awkward, face to face.
    With That out of the way, just because it Is LDR, doesn't mean pushing a few buttons on His end has to be so-----Distant with you. I see a few Raised Red flags with this, for if it was since Last Wednesday for messing, and he just 'Yesterday' decided (Or so he says) to 'Read it,' for you must have found out about That, and he hasn't responded to it, then Don't 'Push any buttons' on your end to send One, Not until he has answered Yours. I don't know what his excuse was for not sending one in a week's time, who sent who one first or last or whatever since last week, and up to Now, Why he hasn't been more on the ball in responding, but put him to the test and leave things be, and wait it out to find out how much you mean to him in letting his fingers Do the walking.
    If you are getting a few signals of your own that seem strange, for with LDR it's touch and go, one or both can easily become out of Touch with the other if it isn't kept together properly, you need to have a long talk with him on the phone about a few things. A lot of time, effort and patience need to go into this relationship, and if only one partner is making the effort, it could go dead in the water very quickly.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Text him. Personally I don't like starting conversations but if someone else starts one i enjoy carrying it on. Also I forget about my phone a lot so if its been over a day since i received a text or if i notice it at an in opportune time ( like 3am ) then i usually don't reply unless it is something life or death, and I just wait for a new conversation to start up.

  • Go ahead text him! You are "thing" already so its not a big deal. just say hi how have you been.

  • I like it when the girl text me. It tells me that she is interested.


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