Does he have the hots for me?

We have been "friends" for 5 years now. Nothing has ever physically happened between us. We have met up for random drinks (for about 1 hour each) and now live in different cities. However, when either of us passes through the other's city, we meet up for drink. Recently, he moved to a new city and invited me to come out for an event going on his city.

I bought my ticket for the weekend to see him. After I bought the ticket, I checked out his profile on fb and realized that his birthday is that weekend! And he didn't say anything about it. I asked him if he was available that weekend and he said absolutely.

Guys: does he want more than friendship? Why invite me to his city and for his birthday weekend? He didn't however offer for me to stay at his place. He literally said nothing about plans that weekend except for that event. I don't know what to expect/think! Please help


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  • he secretly has the hots for you and his "right moment" hasn't come around yet. See what happens if you spend a whole couple of nights with him rather than just a couple of hours.

    • Because i guy that isn't interested wouldn't invite me to come out and visit him?

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    • He'll probably be ecstatic if you make a move because you will have broken down the wall he has been trying to break through for years. You will have released him from the friend zone.
      However beware that in the coming weeks after this event the true him will come to the surface. Its then that you'll know if you really want to be with him.

    • SO helpful, thanks!!

  • 5 years and he didn't make a move? Bro, you're just friends.

    • But when we meet up, it's always uncomfortable! And we both have been in relationships

    • So. If mutual chemistry is there, it doesn't take 5 years.

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