If the guy you are dating tells you this. How will you react and what will be the consequences?

That although I am a virgin but I am not as innocent as you think. I had sexted with some random girls anonymously that included exchange of pics of my thing too but not my face or identity and it was for fun and I am not repeating it ever. I am obviously not proud of this but can't keep it from you as you are going to have a special space i my life.

There was always the consent of girls before the exchange of pics and I and them were adults at that time. And I don't have such reputation in the society as none of my friends knows about this exactly.


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  • Well i think it depends on how long intot he relationship it was before you told her this. I hope that sentence made sense. Prsonally, i would like to know that info in the first few months. Dnt tell me a year in. Although it is noce that you tell asap, it would make her to be able to trust her snce you saidthat you dont want to hide it from her and she has a special space in yourlife. S kudos to you!

    • I definitely would like to tell her asap but I don't wanna be judged upon this because it definitely doesn't define me as a person. So I would take a bit of time to let her understand who I am and then tell her that it was one silly thing I did in my adulthood. Apart from this I am a guy of principles. I dont drink or smoke at all. I never desrespect women and never abuse them or be harsh with anybody. I don't know this info was required by you but since you said it may affect her thoughts so I am telling you a bit more about me.

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    • I hope it will. Good luck!!!:)

    • Thank you. :-)

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  • sexting isn't a big deal. and you don't have anything to worry about hun. telling your girl that should make her feel closer to you and feel that she can trust you I think what you're saying is a good idea and you should go for it

    • I am just concerned about the future gf. I am currently single and not looking for at least for 3-4 years.

  • Dide chill out itse fine everyone does it once i there life i did it too


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